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SPAC 2013


The 2013 Walking With The Wounded Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge concluded on Friday, December 13th, when twelve wounded servicemen and women successfully reached the South Pole after crossing 125 miles of Antarctic plateau. Along with their expedition patron, Prince Harry, and various other coaches and mentors, the soldiers pushed their physical and mental limits to transcend barriers throughout an arduous 13 days in some of the toughest conditions known to man. The expedition, which was initially intended to be a race between the three teams, proved to be so grueling that the Expedition Director and Team Noom Coach mentor, Edward Parker, was prompted to remove the race element of the trek to ensure all the three teams could join together and safely reach the South Pole. As the teams crossed the finish line united as one, they proved to themselves and the world that what is within them is stronger than what is in their way.
No Barriers' program, Soldiers to Summits, was the proud coordinator of Team Noom Coach, the U.S. based team consisting of four brave and amazing individuals: Margaux Mange, Ivan Castro, Mark Wise and Therese Frentz. The expedition intended to bring a global awareness to the physical and cognitive injuries that servicemen and women face as a result of their courageous efforts to defend our countries, and shed light on the fact that they can conquer even the toughest of challenges despite the barriers they face.